The One Year Anniversary to the Death of ADDIE

01 Oct 2013 10:38 AM | Deleted user
Yes, you heard it right. I recently saw a headline proclaiming this to be the anniversary of the death of ADDIE and the rising up of SAM. 

I thought it might be nice, especially since our community is exploring the different elements of ADDIE, to bring you some information on the discussion, which actually began prior to May of last year, challenging a fundamental component of our industry.

One of the most robust and least biased articles I read comes from Tim Riecker. There are several links to other information, which I would encourage looking at it. It will bring you up to speed to make your own determination and to participate in the on-going debate.

In addition, read the comments. They are compelling and serve as great fodder for discussion.

Here is the link to the article that sounded the call for change.


  • 03 Oct 2013 8:38 AM | Deleted user
    After reading the articles, I surmise that a process is only as good as the person or company using that process. My graduate work was all about Dick and Carey, but upon graduation I quickly recognized that the framework had to be adaptable to each company and each project. Any process that becomes a checklist or becomes too ridged to work through usually equates to a less than learner centric solution.

    I am surprised by all of this discussion about a framework. I would much rather discuss the work that takes place within the framework because that is where the actual act of design and development takes place. Gap analysis, objectives, Bloom's, Robert Gagne, learning theory - where is the discussion on the application of these elements. I want to see a debate on the art of instructional design.

    As it relates to ADDIE and SAM, my biggest hangup with ADDIE has been its linear formula. I have never agreed that design works this way. I also feel it places evaluation way to late in the game, if indeed one follows the linear format. As for SAM, its model is more closely related to how I work. The possible pitfall is designing without having all of the information or having discovery completed before you actually design. Again, I think each project is different - I don't think I will choose to chime any death knell for ADDIE nor celebrate any victory for SAM. BTW, where is the discussion for Agile - I am liking the look of that for certain projects.

    Ultimately, I want to have my own voice as a designer. I want to be able to pick and chose how I work in accordance with my customer, my project, and my company.
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